Fauntleroy Schoolhouse
Centennial Celebration
  • 1917 Schoolhouse
  • 1918 Schoolhouse
  • 1960 Schoolhouse
  • 2013 Schoolhouse
  • 2015 Schoolhouse
Due to a technical issue some photos and biographical data have not been posted. If you went through the process to join and have not yet seen your information, please resubmit. A list of picture names that are waiting to be posted can be found at fauntleroyschoohousecentennial.org/centpics.
Thank you for your interest and understanding.
   Alumni Name   Last Association to SchoolhouseImage
   Tom Arney    Student
   Frank Cunningham    Community Member
   Gerry Cunningham    Cook
   Lauri Cunningham    Office Administrator
   David Durham    Student
   Lisa Fankhanel    Student
   Jody Featherstone    Student
   Bruce Howard    Student
   Mary Johnson (Steyh)   Student
   Diane Lutz    Parent
   Susan Peverly (Steyh)   Student
   Matt Sayre    Student
   Saundra Selle    Student
   Bonnie  Senatore  (Morse)   Student
   Kim Sheridan (Seaman)   Director
   Gary Smith    Student
   Kathy Spurgeon (Games)   Student
   Karen Swartout (Rogers)   Student
   Denise Wallace    Property Manager
   Lisa Wallace-Baker (Wallace)   Student
   Christie West    Student
   Lou Whittaker    Student